Live With Volition

Professional Coaching Practice and Talent Acquisition Consultancy


At VM we believe that change is the catalyst for growth. Life happens. How do you cope? What values lie at the core of your life's purpose? How have you been developing and honing your skills for success? 

 If you don't prioritize you, then your life gets built on sand, susceptible to every change in the wind. When working with a life coach you are actually investing in yourself, for yourself, building on a solid foundation that lasts.

Our motto at VM is, "Lead. Inspire. Transform.". Too often today, the only self development you will receive is that which you do on your own.  Start with a professional coach to help guide you to your path and navigate life's wonderful adventure!



VM is a full service talent acquisition, business coaching, 

career coaching, life coaching and relationship coaching practice.

Using the techniques of Strategic Intervention, coaching clients uncover areas within their life that set them on a positive trajectory toward living the life they want and deserve. We serve displaced workforces, military transitions, students in high school and university students. Also, person's seeking a new and rewarding career, retoolers, recruitment professionals, and those who seek a path toward success in sales and business development.

VM provides talent acquisition consulting that helps organizations develop a process and road map to increase value and delivery for internal recruitment that spearheads quality hiring and retention. 

VM consultants bring over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition and recruiting, providing value to their clients whether it be starting up a new function, up leveling an existing function, or training recruiters and internal stakeholders in effective interviewing tactics and strategies. 

Certified through CCE with the BCC Coaching certificate
Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes psychology and coaching

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