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Change is the catalyst for growth and encourages forward momentum that catapults one to great success.  

Hi! I am Laureen and am the Managing Director and Principal Coach, at Volitionary Movement, LLC.  I am a certified Coach who specializes in career, life, business, executive, public speaking, and relationship coaching. 

My expertise in Talent Acquisition assists my clients in developing and delivering recruitment strategies both in corporate and agency.  

I offer a free strategy session that will help us uncover your needs and wants in a coaching, business, or talent acquisition. 

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VM is a full service talent acquisition, business coaching, and 

career coaching agency.

Using the techniques of Strategic Intervention, coaching clients uncover areas within their life that set them on a positive trajectory toward living the life they want and deserve. We serve displaced workforces, military transitions, students in high school and university students. Also, person's seeking a new and rewarding career, retoolers, recruitment professionals, and those who seek a path toward success in sales and business development.

VM provides talent acquisition consulting that helps organizations develop a process and road map to increase value and delivery for internal recruitment that spearheads quality hiring and retention. 

VM consultants bring over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition and recruiting, providing value to its clients whether it be starting up a new function, up leveling an existing function, or training recruiters and internal stakeholders in effective interviewing 

tactics and strategies. 


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